Gemma Nealon

My holistic approach to healing

Unifying the Mind, Body & Heart


I’m a seasoned healer and intuitive subconscious psychotherapist. I bring= over two decades of expertise in revitalising the mind and body. My distinctive approach to healing has assisted thousands of individuals in achieving newfound states of calm and healing, eliminating the need for prolonged therapy.

I specialise in guiding people through their healing journey from various fears- including PTSD, trauma, anxiety or addictions. We achieves this by directly targeting and reprogramming your belief systems, to help you create your new chosen reality fast.

My methodology is deeply rooted in a harmonious blend of meditation and hypnotherapy, NLP, holistic therapies, energy healing, and neuroscience. Enriched by extensive mind-body studies in both Asia and Scotland, my approach integrates spirituality in to every aspect of my work. Drawing from my professional experience as a trained Midwife and birth educator,  aim to inspire and empower my clients.

As the founder of two influential organisations: Positive Birth Scotland and Birth Trauma Scotland, I demonstrates my commitment to transformative healing and empowerment.

"Gemma has been amazing and has turned my life around. As well as being able to quickly target the trauma, she has helped me realise my full potential. I can finally rebuild my confidence, which I had struggled with for a long time,and start living my life fully.Thank you Gemma."
N Hunter

The first person I ever treated

20 years ago had complex PTSD and was experiencing a constant state of fear and a debilitating phobia of fireworks. After just one treatment session with me this person was completely free of symptoms and able to move on with her life. I learnt I had a gift to help people heal and continue to be inspired by the incredible potential of the human brain to heal. 

My practice has continued to grow and I’ve supported hundreds of men, women and young people to overcome trauma, phobias and PTSD, both across the UK and internationally. They have all experienced incredible results.

"I still don't know how you did it, utter magic (and a wee bit of science!). Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You clever, wonderful lady for giving me my life back. I feel so happy. It's almost too much, like my heart is overflowing. I didn't think I would ever be able to feel like this again. I used to think this feeling was one resigned to the past that I wouldn't be able to feel again but you helped me open up and find myself. So grateful I found you. You saved me."
"I started suffering terrible mental and physical anxiety. My doctor prescribed me antidepressants but I wanted to get to the root of it and was looking for a long term solution. as soon as I spoke to Gemma I realised it was all very much connected. Gemma was very good at helping me clarify what my real issues were. Gemma immediately made me feel calm and in a safe environment; she is incredibly friendly and professional. We went through a lovely relaxation hypnosis exercise and I could really feel my body starting to let go and relax. When working through some of the more difficult issues I felt very emotional but always comfortable and in control. At the end of the session I felt a great sense of calm and relief. Gemma gave me lots of helpful tools to use so I am more confident coping with some of life’s more testing times. A real weight has been lifted. I saw and felt improvements quickly. It has helped me reach a more balanced state of mind definitely, and an amazing mind, body and soul awareness. I can’t thank Gemma enough, I highly recommend her for anyone. It really reached into all areas.
Lucy S
"I felt like I was drowning every day. I had constant vivid nightmares and flash backs. I felt like I was a failure. I often felt suicidal because I wanted to escape from feeling the way I did. After working with Gemma I felt relaxed, in control, happy, could see a positive future, calm, more trusting of others, like myself again. I feel strong and independent and I know that I’m amazing from what I have been through. Also I felt understood and fully listened to and validated for how I felt. I feel so thankful and grateful to have experienced the treatment with Gemma. I feel like I have been given my life back. I am able to enjoy my day to day life and cope better when things go through wrong. I felt like I was living in a bubble of destruction since I gave birth. It truly destroyed me from the inside out and looking back I don’t recognise myself. I never thought I would get out of that place. But I am now feeling like me again and enjoying my beautiful family.

I provide support, training and mental health therapy

I am passionate about raising awareness and treating trauma and PTSD which are so often wrongly diagnosed as depression or anxiety. As co-founder of Birth Trauma Scotland and director of Positive Birth Scotland and The Kin Collective I provide support and mental health therapy to individuals and families. I am also a member of the NHS Lothian Perinatal Mental Health Network

I am regularly invited to guest lecture to health professionals and contribute to national radio and news programs about resilience and trauma, stress, wellbeing, resilience, birth and meditation.

A holistic approach to trauma therapy

I provide a holistic approach to healing that unifies the mind, body and heart. I combine my extensive experience as a therapist and NLP practitioner with research-based, cutting-edge cognitive neuroscience and mental health therapy. I provide integrated treatment for trauma, phobias post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other related symptoms. My specialist training includes Eye Movement Desensitization, Reprocessing (EMDR)and Brain Working Recursive Therapy, accredited by the Human Givens Institute of Psychotherapy. 

I have trained extensively in mind-body and ‘hands-on’ healing techniques and meditation practices from teachers from all over Asia and the UK. I have decades of meditation practise behind me and meditation continues to influence my work.

My extensive experience working with families as a midwife to provide medical and emotional support to individuals at their most vulnerable also enhances my knowledge of human physiology, psychology and neuro-science. This multi-disciplinary approach enables me to create an integrated and truly unique approach.

Supporting you to move forward…

I offer my services ‘in person’ from my warm and welcoming space in the easily accessible location of Edinburgh. I also work with clients from across the UK and internationally online. 

My methods are powerful and highly effective – only three sessions are normally needed for you to feel relief and completely recover. 

Don’t suffer in silence. I promise that I will be able to work with you to resolve all of your symptoms, so that you can live a more peaceful, positive life and reach your full potential.

to see how I can help you.