Tailored mental health and wellbeing training for professionals.

Do you manage a team that need mental health and wellbeing education and strategies? 

Would you like to better-understand and manage work-related pressure?

Do you want to learn techniques to cope with stress and create resilience?

I provide wellbeing training for professionals and organisations that will equip you and your team to manage their own mental health, and if you are a business owner or manager, provide support for those in your team. My training will help attendees better-understand and manage work-related pressure, develop effective communication and foster a culture of support that will create positive change and resilience.

"Gemma’s medical training combined with her passion & belief was hugely reassuring. She is enormously personable, welcoming and exudes an empowering belief in all her students. This is important and necessary work. You are doing a wonderful thing Gemma!"
Ben Ingle

Mental health and wellbeing in the work place

Mental health and wellbeing are now recognised as being paramount to the long-term performance and overall health and happiness of employees. Wellbeing education provides a greater understanding and awareness of mental health from a holistic approach. It also represents a commitment from managers to recognise the importance of wellbeing in the work-place and implement change. 

Human health care, social work and public administration industries report the highest impact of work-related stress. My educational workshops are suited to practitioners and health-care professionals – I’ve delivered health and wellbeing training for NHS services, the Scottish Courts and Tribunal Services. However, my approaches can be universally applied and tailored to suit the specific needs of your team, work-place setting and chosen topic.

Techniques to manage stress and trauma at work

I provide a holistic approach to mental health and wellbeing education. My extensive experience as a therapist and my knowledge of human physiology, psychology and research-based cognitive neuroscience informs my understanding and methods. I am regularly invited to guest lecture to health professionals and contribute to national radio and news programs covering an array of topics including stress, trauma, wellbeing, resilience, birth and meditation.

My training provides a framework and accessible strategies that will enable you and your team to recognise and manage specific emotions, thoughts and behaviours that can indicate stress and impact on wellbeing. 

Health and wellbeing training topics I cover include:

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